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Aged Care

The aged care node of JBI COnNECT is a unique aged-care-specific web based facility that provides online resources and tools to assist older people, their families and those involved in the care of older people to utilize evidence-based information in clinical decision making processes.

This aged care node consists of a collection of online resources designed to inform and assist:

  • the users of aged care services (consumers);
  • service providers (owners, executives and managers of aged care agencies);
  • healthcare professionals (nurses, medical practitioners and allied health professionals); and
  • aged care assistants (care assistants, personal carers).

JBI COnNECT is essentially a "one-stop-shop" stocked with a wide range of resources for facilitating effective and appropriate evidence-based health care.

The need for aged care staff and consumers to access independent advice on the effectiveness, appropriateness and cost benefits of specific health and care interventions; and to implement evidence and evaluate its impact has been recognized in most advanced economies, but the current efforts to summarize, disseminate and establish systems for its utilization are largely confined to the areas of acute care and primary health care. The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) has a well-established reputation in the area of evidence-based clinical decision support and clinical practice improvement and is pleased to be working with the Australian Government, the Expert Advisory Committee of the JBI National Evidence Based Aged Care Unit (NEBACU) and our international reference groups.

It is anticipated that the provision of these resources will improve outcomes for the residents of aged care facilities and older people living in the community supported by community-based services. Resources are designed for, and readily accessible to, aged care professionals and providers and service users. The resources address aspects of clinical care relevant to the care of older people, and as such support the Aged Care Accreditation Standards. The resources enhance the ability of aged care workers to provide consistent and appropriate care, while reducing the risk of clinical adverse events. The resources also facilitate staff training and continuous improvement within the aged care sector. 

The Aged Care Practice Manual is intended to be a resource which facilitates safe practice for health professionals and the older people they care for. Health professionals need to understand the rationale and potential complications of each intervention, and to be able to identify the specific requirements of each older person and implement holistic, person centered care. The Registered Nurse is responsible for delegating the duties of care to each member of the health care team that she/he is responsible for, appropriate to, and within their scope of practice.

We are currently recruiting reference group members for our nodes. These reference group members provide guidance and feedback to JBI regarding node materials. If you are interested in joining either our expert or corresponding reference group, please fill in the following form CRG Recruitment.docx and forward to glenys.lillywhite@adelaide.edu.au

Expert Reference Group

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