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Utilising the Evidence


JBI Patient/Client Outcomes Online (JBI POOL/COOL) are online prevalence databases that can be used as stand-alone databases, or in conjunction with JBI PACES. These databases have been designed for practitioners and health/aged care organizations as an easy to use tool in the collection and storage of prevalence data.

Data can be collected at a patient/client care level and can then be examined at higher levels for trends in specific outcomes via automatically generated graphs for specific areas, a whole of facility approach, or across multiple facilities.
The JBI Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System (JBI PACES) is designed to meet the needs of individual health services, health units/wards and health professionals. The system consists of an online database for the collection of data on clinical activities, based on the clinical audit process; an online generic work plan (the Getting Research into Practice module) related to problem identification, action planning and action taking; an online facility to compare your results with the industry average; an opportunity to join a clinical evidence utilisation group; and an online user guide.
C.H.A.I.N (Contact, Help, Advice and Information Networks) is an online network for people working in health and social care. It is based around specific areas of interest, and gives people a simple and informal way of contacting each other to exchange ideas and share knowledge. CHAIN is multi-professional and cross organisational.
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