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Evaluating the Evidence


JBI Patient/Client Outcomes Online (JBI POOL/COOL) are online prevalence databases that can be used as stand-alone databases, or in conjunction with JBI PACES. These databases have been designed for practitioners and health/aged care organizations as an easy to use tool in the collection and storage of prevalence data.

Data can be collected at a patient/client care level and can then be examined at higher levels for trends in specific outcomes via automatically generated graphs for specific areas, a whole of facility approach, or across multiple facilities.
The JBI Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System (JBI PACES) is designed to meet the needs of individual health services, health units/wards and health professionals. The system consists of an online database for the collection of data on clinical activities, based on the clinical audit process; an online generic work plan (the Getting Research into Practice module) related to problem identification, action planning and action taking; an online facility to compare your results with the industry average; an opportunity to join a clinical evidence utilisation group; and an online user guide.
Please note: these resources are only available to JBI COnNECT+ subscribers, corporate and educational members of JBI. For information on membership and subscription please contact JBI: jbi@adelaide.edu.au.