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Embedding the Evidence

Manual Builder

The JBI Evidence-Based Manual Builder allows users to search through hundreds of evidence-based Recommended Practice and to select collections of Recommended Practice to form a practice manual for their facility/organisation. Each manual is automatically page-numbered and alphabetised and divided into appropriate categories. A cover page with the facility/organisation's name and logo (when submitted to JBI) is provided, as well as a table of contents and an introductory overview. Manuals are available in html and pdf formats and can be printed or uploaded to enhance organisational clinical decision support systems.

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Consumer Pamphlet Builder

The Evidence-Based Consumer Pamphlet Builder is designed to assist health professionals utilise evidence-based information in their communication with patients/residents/clients regarding interventions and health and illness management issues. The builder allows users to customise information sheets by adding logos and specific instructions aligned to the clinician's/organisation's own requirements.

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To use the above tools you must be a corporate member of JBI or a subscriber to JBI COnNECT+ and have the appropriate permissions. For further information please contact JBI.