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24812 Impact of professional interpreters on outcomes for hospitalized children from migrant and refugee families with limited English proficiency JBIBest Practice Information SheetGeneral Medicine02/07/202012/07/2020
19992 Patient/Family Engagement in Patient Safety Initiatives Madhava Sai Sivapuram, MBBS SivapuramEvidence SummaryGeneral Medicine31/05/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals
17944 Pressure Injury Prevention Strategies: Accuracy in Classification and Documentation Madhava Sai Sivapuram, MBBS StudentEvidence SummaryGeneral Medicine, Rehabilitation, Wound Healing and Management30/05/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals
971 Neonates: Mechanical Ventilation (Positioning) Grace Koh MSpPath, CPSPEvidence SummaryAcute Care, Neonatal Care01/04/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals
375 Urinary Incontinence: Timed Voiding Grace Koh MSpPath, CPSPEvidence SummaryAcute Care, General Medicine, Physio, Rehabilitation01/04/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals
105 Suprapubic Catheter: Management Grace Koh MSpPath, CPSPEvidence SummaryAcute Care, Aged Care, General Medicine, Infection Control01/04/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals
3355 Thermal Injury (Pediatric): First Aid Management Dr Saira Mathew BPharm MPH PhDEvidence SummaryBurns Care, Emergency and Trauma, Pediatrics03/01/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals
19653 Latex Allergy in Health Care Workers: Prevention Lisa Kunde BA(Hum), BPsych(Hons), MAppPsych(Health)Evidence SummaryCommunity Health, General Medicine, Surgical Services, Wound Healing and Management24/04/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals
19525 Enteral Tube Feeding: Mouth Care Lisa Kunde BA(Hum),BPsych(Hons), MAppPsych(Health)Evidence SummaryAged Care20/04/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals
19481 Swallowing Impairment (Older Person): Administration of Medications in Food and Beverages Lisa Kunde BA(Hum), BPsych(Hons), MAppPsych(Health)Evidence SummaryAged Care19/04/202012/07/2020 View affected manuals