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10722 Forensic Examinations: Cleaning and Preventing Contamination  Evidence Based Recommended PracticeGeneral Medicine, Infection Control13/04/201619/04/2018 View affected manuals
10647 Forensic Examinations: Preventing DNA Contamination Stephanie Obeid, BMedSc (Hons), PhDEvidence SummaryGeneral Medicine, Infection Control05/04/201819/04/2018 View affected manuals
8141 Elder Abuse (Community-Dwelling Elders): Mental Health Risk Factors Stephanie Obeid, BMedSc (Hons), PhDEvidence SummaryMental Health05/04/201819/04/2018 View affected manuals
8105 Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy in Older Men Stephanie Obeid, BMedSc (Hons), PhDEvidence SummaryAged Care, Cancer Care27/03/201819/04/2018 View affected manuals
7882 Sleep Disorders: Suicide Risk Stephanie Obeid, BMedSc (Hons), PhDEvidence SummaryMental Health22/03/201819/04/2018 View affected manuals
4393 Aspiration Syndrome: Dysphagia Screening Stephanie Obeid, BMedSc (Hons), PhDEvidence SummaryAged Care, Community Health, General Medicine, Infection Control, Surgical Services, Tropical and Infectious Disease 22/03/201819/04/2018 View affected manuals
6733 Burns Lower Limb: Positioning and Splinting  Evidence Based Recommended PracticeBurns Care, Rehabilitation21/06/201619/04/2018 View affected manuals
1769 Burns (Lower Extremity): Positioning and Splinting Stephanie Obeid, BMedSc (Hons), PhDEvidence SummaryBurns Care, Rehabilitation20/03/201819/04/2018 View affected manuals
19414 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Mirror Therapy Lucylynn Lizarondo, PhD, MPhysio, MPsych, BPhysioEvidence SummaryRehabilitation26/02/201819/04/2018 View affected manuals
19402 Prevention of Pressure Injuries in Individuals with Overweight or Obesity Wound Healing and Management Node – Emily Haesler PhD, PG Dip Adv Nurs (Gerontics), BNEvidence SummaryWound Healing and Management01/04/201819/04/2018 View affected manuals